Make Healthy Food Delicious (here’s how)

1 odd trick to lose fat:

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I’m Mike Chang and in today’s episode, I’m going to show you how to make your meals delicious. Having better tasting meals will give you an extra incentive to stick to your diet. And in return, helping you burn off that stubborn belly fat.

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My one trick to make healthy foods taste better is by adding virgin coconut oil to my meals. The coconut oil adds a rich sweet flavor and prevents the foods from being dry.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Man, isn’t oil full of fat”. True, but unlike most fats, the coconut oil contains a type of fat that is very easy for the body to break down.

With this fast breakdown process, your body will be able to use the fat as a quick source of energy. With the fat being used up so quickly, it would never be stored into the body as fat.

Try it out for yourself, I know you will love the flavor and love the fat loss.

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In that video I’ll show you the most common mistakes normal guys make that prevent them from losing stubborn belly fat. And I show you what you can do instead to build the six-pack abs that women love.

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Often, people will try to make a lot of sudden changes to their diet too quickly, and they will give up because their body isn’t used to the new foods they’re eating. Obviously, a lot of the things that I show in this video are not 100% clean, but that’s the point. It’s pretty difficult for people who are just starting out to eat that way. I have previous videos where I show pretty healthy and clean meals, but I decided to aim this video for the people who are just starting out with changing the way they eat and aren’t used to eating healthy yet. I wanted to give examples of ways you can substitute certain ingredients in unhealthy foods to make them a little more healthier. By slowly making small changes and adding more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods, the transition into eating healthier is a billion times easier. I hope this video was at least a little helpful and gave some good ideas for you guys. Also, I made a new Instagram, so if you want to follow it, it’s @beautybynicole4_

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