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Recipes from this video!

*disclaimer I don’t claim to eat 100% pure healthy diet – as you will notice I do include some dairy and cheese here and there. I believe that allowing yourself your favorite tasty things in moderation helps keep a healthy diet sustainable and prevent junk food binges ☺

**Tea Latte

My favorite breakfast teas
Yerba Mate:
Spring Peach Oolong – Coffee Bean + Tea Leaf:
Brioche Tea – American Tea Room:

To make a tea latte brew the tea extra strong (5-6 minutes) and then add 2 oz frothed milk (or just heated milk) and a ½ tsp of honey. SO GOOD!!!!

**Veggie Omelet
Combine your favorite veggies with eggs or egg whites. Secret to tasty eggs:: after veggies are coked reduce heat to LOW and add eggs. Add your seasonings after cooking

**Bean + Rice Bowl
Get dried beans and allow to soak over night and then I cook mine in a rice cooker. I make enough to last me for 4-5 days at one time.
Cook rice (white or brown)
Add ½ avocado, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and two crushed up lime tortilla chips. I also sprinkle a little shredded mexican cheese blend on top

1 cup of coconut water
1 banana
¼ cup frozen blueberries
½ cup frozen strawberries
1 packet Oxylent multivitamin packet

**Salmon with Brussel Sprouts
Preheat oven to 425 degrees
Wash and cut brussel sprouts in half
Place salmon on tray with brussel sprouts
Spray both lightly with olive oil and top with salt and pepper
Cook salmon for 12-15 minutes and sprouts for 20-25 minutes (watch until outer edges start to brown)

**Parsley + Almond Topping
Chop 1/3 cup parsley and ¼ cup almonds
Add 1 part red wine vinegar (1tbs) and two parts olive oil (2tbs)
Put on top of salmon and serve with rice


** Tyrosine pill 750 mg in AM on empty stomach. Helps provide natural energy and focus

** Daily Probiotic

** Oxylent Multi Vitamin – I recommend taking one packet a day with food.

**If you are interested in learning more about nutrition and anti-inflammatory diets I recommend Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live

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