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I have SO much respect for anyone who is vegan. That is our next goal! Anything can be done if you set your mind to it.

Helllllo my loves 🙂 This video took WAY longer than expected to get up. Lol. I had over 2 hours of footage and had to cut it down to 34 minutes. I hope its not too long!! We wanted to cover all aspects of our diets to help anyone in need. When it comes to health and fitness we can talk for days. Especially Brett ;D We’ve really changed our lifestyles the past year. In this video we talk about some of the things we’ve learned as well as how we maintain a healthy lifestyle. Listen I have been where you guys are. I was constantly on a diet from high school on. I tried every diet out there.. seriously though. And I was never successful. It wasn’t until Brett and I got together that I started changing my daily routines. I exercise 3-4 times a week and we are always eating as healthy as possible. To some that may seem boring, but honestly its changed my life in so many ways. Cutting out all the processed & high sugary foods has been the best thing i’ve ever done. Once I made this change the weight just came off and stayed off. I feel the best i’ve felt in a very long time. When you eat cleaner your body works so much better. Your moods are better as well which is huge. Sugar is literally a drug. It tricks your body and makes you crave garbage. The coolest thing is once you stop eating all of that the cravings go away. Think of sugar as any other addictive drug. Your body ‘needs’ it. The first few weeks may be hard but once you get over that hump the cravings go away. How cool is that? I feel like nobody every taught us this stuff. I hope you find some motivation in this video. Please comment below if you have any other questions. Brett lives for this and will happily answer any questions you guys have!! We are going to start filming my workouts next week as well. I hope you guys enjoy!! And remember when it comes to our bodies, never stop learning. We only live ONCE. So why not make it a healthy beautiful life? 🙂 LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY. Xo Carli

Documentaries WE Recommend Watching:

Nutritional BOOKS:
*Grain Brain
*Bad Calories, Good Calories

Motivational BOOKS:
*Seat of the Soul (25 Anniversary edition)
*The Untethered Soul
Change your thoughts, change your life 🙂

My Diet:
We cut out Cows Milk from our diets. We only drink Almond milk and I occasionally have soy milk if I am naughty and get starbucks LOL!
*NO RED MEAT EVER. We cut it out completely from our diets for almost a year now. I HIGHLY recommend watching the documentary called Conspiracy. It changed our lives.

FAVORITE Breakfasts:
FRUIT! My favorites are: Banana, Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Grapefruit, Oranges, Lemons – I’m allergic to everything else 🙁
My FAV Green Smoothie
Oatmeal (Gluten Free)
Steel Cut Oats
Eggs (yolks too! Non GMO, Organic)
Spelt Bread (toast)
Protein Pancakes
Whole Wheat Waffles
Purple Potatoes (mixed with onions YUM)

FAVORITE Lunches/Dinners
LOTS of Salad! We love balsamic vinegar as a dressing
Best salad recipe EVER:
We add all kinds of veggies in to make it delicious.
Chicken (organic)
Quinoa Pasta
Portobello Pizzas:
Salmon Wild Caught
Sushi 😀 even though it causes my eczema lol
Lobster, Oysters, Clams
Gluten Free Pizza
Purple Potatoes
Tacos with Chicken (homemade)

Vegetables: Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions, Corn, Kale, Spinach
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ruby Rockets Gravity Grape Fruit Pops
Any fruit pops for that matter
Acai Berry Sorbet
Nuts: Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios

WATER WATER AND MORE WATER 🙂 Spring water is the best for you
My FAV Green Smoothie :
Green Tea, Chai Tea I live the Yogi brand
I also add Manuka honey and Almond milk
Coffee on occasion with Almond Milk and 1 Sugar in the Raw
Orgain Vegan Vanilla Shakes
*I know starbucks is bad for you – cutting that out as well! 🙂
I saw some of you ask about alcohol – *If I go out and want a drink I always stick with Vodka & Club with extra Lime. That way its not too sweet and isn’t too many calories.

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